Marketing & Communications Manager

The Marketing and Communications Manager will oversee all aspects of the company’s Marketing strategy. The candidate will have strong writing and communication skills, in addition to proven experience in this field, hospitality experience a plus. This is an outstanding career opportunity for a creative leader to be apart of a passionate team and effectively collaborate with team leaders, vendors, contractors and other outside parties who support the organizations marketing efforts. The successful candidate will promote brand identity and streamline effective advertising campaigns or events to increase awareness, drive new business and maintain competitive consistency in the Market. 

 Responsibilities include, but not limited to the following: 

  • Analyzing competitive products or services to identify potential areas for improvement or change in order to gain market share 
  • Developing marketing plans that incorporate traditional and online marketing techniques to reach target audiences 
  • Developing and managing annual Marketing objectives to achieve annual goals • Developing an effective online presence for a brand through websites, blogs, social media channels, and other online platforms 
  • Planning strategies that will increase company awareness and product knowledge in the marketplace 
  • Collaborate with Marketing and Branding team to develop effective marketing programs and events 
  • Lead these programs from ideation to implementation, leveraging internal support and ensuring the alignment of communications and messaging through all mediums 
  • Coordinating publicity events such as trade shows, community events, or social gatherings where potential customers can get acquainted with the brand 
  • Measuring the success of marketing campaigns by analyzing sales figures, customer feedback, and any other factors that indicate whether objectives were met 
  • Additionally analyze and report on the efficacy of campaigns 
  • Oversee external creative agencies on all marketing projects 
  • Liaise with advertising agencies and handle requests for interviews, statements, etc. 
  • Lead and support Marketing team as needed 
  • Formulate a cross-platform content strategy and manage content calendar, including websites, email, and social media 
  • Developing advertising strategies, such as print ads or commercials, that promote products or services to a specific audience 
  • Manage and monitor digital marketing strategies 
  • Establish and maintain relationships with tourism sector, community, and public interest groups 
  • Create and maintain up-to-date collection of creative materials and assets, including photography, videography, and printed materials. 
  • Manage marketing department operations, including budget administration, team supervision and development, and reporting. 
  • Planning strategies for making a company or product recognizable in the marketplace 


  • • Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Communications, Business Management or related field 
  • • Advanced experience using social media and digital Platforms 
  • • Previous experience in Retail Marketing is required 
  • • Public Relations and Communications experience desirable 
  • • Minimum five (5) years prior experience in a similar role 
  • • Graphic Design and Photography experience desirable 
  • • Proficient in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop 
  • • Experience with marketing and analytics tools such as Google Analytics and content management systems 

Additional requirements 

  • Strong management skills, ability to oversee multiple projects and deadlines simultaneously 
  • Advance written and communication skills 
  • Must be organized, with ability to manage numerous projects at once while seamlessly handling inbound requests from colleagues and leaders 
  • Experience working in a variety of settings, including working with advertising agencies, public relation firms, large corporations, small businesses etc. 
  • Must have a thorough understanding of marketing strategies and tactics, including how to create advertisements, how to promote a product or service 
  • Must be self-motivated but also a team player 
  • Comfortable with public speaking and being interviewed on camera 
  • Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Must be able to work a flexible schedule which may include evenings, weekends or holidays