Locally Made Blue Iguana Gin.

A new gin produced by Grand Cayman Distillery is raising funds for the conservation of blue iguanas, an endangered species endemic to Grand Cayman Island.

First debuted on March 5, the aptly named Blue Iguana Gin is flavored using flowers and plants that the unique lizard likes to eat, such as locally grown sea grapes, June plums, ginep and hibiscus.

Due to habitat decline, invasive species predation and illicit hunting for the exotic pet trade, the blue iguana (sometimes referred to as the Grand Cayman iguana) is listed as an endangered species. However, thanks to the efforts of local organizations, the lizard is considered an ongoing conservation success story.

The Blue Iguana Conservation, a non-profit organization located on the Cayman Islands, is dedicated to the preservation of the blue iguana. Through its efforts of habitat restoration, breeding programs and public education to raise awareness about the importance of conservation, the population of these iguanas has increased from less than 30 individuals in the wild to over 1,000.

“Blue Iguana Gin encompasses the true spirit of the Cayman Islands, community, passion and conservation,” the distillery wrote on social media. “While creating this gin, Grand Cayman Distillery worked hand and hand with The Blue Iguana Conservation facility, Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park and the National Trust of the Cayman Islands.”

According to the gin producer, a portion of the proceeds from every bottle sold will be donated to Blue Iguana Conservation to continue its valuable efforts of protecting the endangered lizard.

Blue Iguana Gin is exclusively distributed by Tortuga Cayman while supplies last.