Le Gras & Haas Brut Rosé

Le Gras & Haas Brut Rosé

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Radiant and foaming, sparkling, impatiently sparkling, this cuvée rosé assemblage is the expression of festivity and fine sophistication. A lively, silky and supple champagne with snazzy foam and incomparable notes of wild strawberries and small red fruits typical of Les Riceys grapes.

Its special feature is based on the high proportion of Chardonnay grapes from Chouilly and Vitry, which brings this incomparable freshness. Its enchanting and romantic robe, its freshness and its fruit with a light hint of ginger combine all aspects of a light, fine and elegant champagne.

One appreciates this cuvée rosé in its lovely youth, lively, cheerful and enchanting, as one picks the most beautiful roses.